Expedient Security Limited Global Risk and Threat Management package

Risk Assessments

Global organisations face ever increasing risks to their markets, personnel and supply chains. EXP offers comprehensive risk management services, which enable our clients to identify and exploit their potential opportunities whilst managing the adverse effects of threats associated with their unique, sometimes high-risk, operating environments. This includes research and analyses, crises and disaster management, security audits and technical systems design and installation.

Business Continuity Plans

EXP provides a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impact to business operations. It involves managing the recovery or continuation of business activities in the event of a business disruption. EXP provides specific training to ensure effective program management and re-assessment advice to ensure the program stays current and up-to-date.

Site Vulnerability Studies

As part of our risk package EXP assess the vulnerability of sites/buildings and critical infra-structure. The results provide recommendations to employ or upgrade physical security, policies and day to day security operations plans.

Security Strategy, Policies and Plans

After or part of the risk or site vulnerability assessment process we assist organizations to develop compassing solutions focusing on improving traditional security as well as long time stability. Our results focus on integrated security solutions including developing security strategies, policies and procedures. We also develop and implement security and emergency plans.

Specialist Security Training

EXP work in partnership with The British Training Academy - www.thebritishtrainingacademy.com

The British Training Academy logo

The British Training Academy designs and deliver tailored made training programs to equip clients with the specialist capabilities and skills they require to manage their security plans and mitigate the risks. These programs include training for executives, senior and other managers, supervisor and the guard force. EXP through The British Training Academy, provides specific - specialised training, especially in hostile environments. Locally we provide training to support the implementation of security policies, site security plans and emergency procedures.

"Whatever your training requirement a solution can be tailor-made to fit your requirement, this is made effortlessly due to industry specific knowledge by competent qualified staff".

Phil Harris
Managing Director, Expedient Security Limited

Travel Advice

EXP provides country security updates through our subscribed GIS (Global Intelligence Report) with on-time realistic inputs from our Network of Close protection officers that work worldwide. This leads to travel advice and on the ground security and logistical support while executives and other personnel travel abroad, especially in hostile environments.

Vetting and Screening

EXP screening and vetting services assist clients to make decisions about new employees with greater confidence and leave less to chance. EXP uses it worldwide footprint, utilizing our internal resources to do background checks, especially in countries popular for recruitment. EXP also provides screened potential candidates to clients in various business sectors, including the security sector.

Specialised services

Kidnap and Ransom

Specialised equipment and material such as bomb film, blast resistant walls, anti rocket fencing and surveillance systems - this included advice on quantity, quality, supply, installation and maintenance and Building Fire Risk Services.

EXP are currently on assignment in the middle east working for Globally recognised Industry leaders offering a complete risk package, This contract will remain in place until 2014.

EXP are currently offering a complete risk package to various A-list celebrities, a complete security solution has been tailored and implemented ensuring all safety requirements have been addressed.

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